Testimonials of Freedom

A testimony of how God uses ordinary people…

My husband and I have been on a journey with the Lord. The journey began in May of 2014 when I spoke to Merv Tuplin (Restoration Ministries, a CFTH Alliance Office in Edmonton, Alberta Canada) and he told me he had a two year waiting list for people who wanted counseling. I got off the phone and prayed, “Lord, if you can use me some way to shorten this man’s waiting list, I am yours. Use me.” The next month, my husband and I attended a five day Caring for the Heart In-Depth Training Seminar. We were touched emotionally by the information taught and the personal stories people shared that week. Three weeks later, we were contacted by the Caring for the Heart home office in Colorado Springs. They had an appointment cancellation and said we could counsel with John Regier at his office if we could come on such short notice. We had four days to get from Edmonton Alberta to Colorado Springs Colorado.

One week of counseling changed our lives. We learned about each other’s core pain issues and began to care about one another on an emotional level. We were asked if we could stay an extra week and begin our internship training. God worked it all out. What an amazing experience for us both. In September, I began to intern at the Edmonton office and soon my mentor felt that I was ready to begin counseling individual women.

God has brought broken ladies into our home who need His healing touch. I have seen God heal and cleanse ladies right in front of my eyes. God is Good. Satan is not happy, so he does attack…. One thing the enemy does is cause me to question, “Can God really use me? Does God really use ordinary people?”

I have to resist those thoughts and be reminded of the healing that God has done in the lives of others, because of my willingness to be used by Him. We are the vessels used by God to do His work. We are like the branches that bear fruit. We are like trees planted by streams of living water. We are the door that God’s love walks through to reach the brokenhearted. We are the ordinary and God loves the ordinary. He calls us just to care for the brokenhearted. We have been blessed.

Serving the Lord and Caring for Hearts in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

(Each week we hear similar stories and couples open their pain and share what they have experienced and how they have struggled coping with their pain. It is exciting to lead them to Jesus who can free them from their pain and bring peace and cleansing to their struggling hearts. I am thankful that the Lord can heal one’s past emotional pain.)