Testimony of Freedom

A testimony of turning conflict into connection…

“There really are no words to adequately describe how profoundly the Lord has used CFTH in our lives!  Your genuine caring heart opened the door for confession, healing, and restoration.  Though we had to walk through pain that was heart-shattering, the Lord used you to guide us along the road to forgiveness even when we didn’t know how to forgive.  You showed us that we could connect again and taught us how to foster and maintain that connection. 

Thank you for being willing to be used as a tool of the Lord.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was doing the work while we were in your office.  I am truly grateful that you allowed Him to use you as His channel.  When we came to your office on Monday, I knew that our marriage was hurting deeply.  So little time could pass without us stepping on each other’s pain.  Thank you for connecting our hearts on Monday in that first session.  I then realized my contribution to my husband’s pain.  Thank you for showing me how I was damaging my husband through my turbo-charged pattern: (expectations, control, expressive, critical, feeling hurt if it didn’t go my way). Thank you for buying my turbo charger!  It was the best sale I have ever made.  You clearly explained in a practical way how I was hurting my husband.  When my husband shared the bombshell in your office, a secret he had held throughout our marriage, I was devastated.  I’m not sure I could have survived if he would have shared it earlier.  I was so scared that he would lock up.  Though my world fell apart, I focused on the fullness of God’s forgiveness and chose to release him.  Thank you for sharing with me how caring for his heart unlocked it so easily.

You gave me back my husband!  Those sparkling eyes that cause butterflies appeared that first Monday in your office.  I am growing deeper in love with him every day.  I desire him.  The switch has finally been turned on again.  We so look forward to and desire to experience what God intended 14 years ago.  Thank you for being His vessel and restoring my husband to me.  There aren’t enough words to adequately communicate my gratefulness.

We will faithfully pray for God’s work thru you.  We will eagerly enjoy our connected fun day every day of the week!    With so much gratefulness…”

(Each week we hear similar stories and couples open their pain and share what they have experienced and how they have struggled to cope with their pain. It is exciting to lead them to Jesus who can free them from their pain and bring peace and cleansing to their struggling hearts. I am thankful that the Lord can heal one’s past emotional pain.)