We exist to care for the heart by assisting individuals to identify and resolve emotional and spiritual issues with wisdom of the Word of God and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.


  • Give Hope and Encouragement to each client
  • Accept without judging another’s issues
  • Understand the heart that has been damaged
  • Care for the emotional pain within the heart
  • Jesus can heal and bring peace to a wounded heart
  • The Word of God provides wisdom to resolve each sin problem
  • The Holy Spirit can convict of sin, leading to Repentance and Confession
  • The Holy Spirit can Heal and Restore a damaged heart


  • To support and work closely with the local church
  • To provide counseling for individuals/couples seeking resolution to their issues
  • To provide pre-marital counseling
  • To provide seminars in local churches leading individuals/couples to freedom
  • To train lay and pastoral counselors to be able to assist others in coming to freedom
  • To replicate the CFTH counseling model by establishing counseling offices
  • To multiply the ministry through writing and production of DVD/CD’s
  • To translate the material into other languages to multiply the vision worldwide