2015 CFTH Annual Conference Sessions on CD

2015 CFTH Annual Conference

List of Audio CD’s ($5.00 each plus shipping)

General  & Workshop Sessions

Sunday PM 10/25/15:

Developing a Relationship with Christ – Danny Lynch

Losing One’s Identity Through Depression – John Regier

Monday afternoon 10/26/15:

Ministering to Singles – Nevin & Joann Nisly

How Expectations & Control Damage – Bob Bramhill

Understanding Emotional Issues – John Regier

Counseling the Sexually Abused – Marilyn Damron, Merry Hamrick, Mattie Troyer

Rebellion & the Prodigal Child – Mike & Ellen Stotts

Understanding Pressure Patterns – Gary Damron

Negative Thoughts – Greg Meisel

Monday PM 10/26/15:

How Our Relationship with Our Earthly Father affects our View of God – Mel Eash

Losing Identity Through Fear & Anxiety – Wayne Allen

Tuesday afternoon 10/27/15:

Leading a Person in Prayer – Marilyn Damron

Christ’s Suffering & Emotional Pain – Del Regier

Wounds Adopted Children Face – Robert & Lilly Riegsecker

Getting Quiet People to Talk – Robert Moeller

Parenting is Heart Work! – Gwen Bramhill

The Pain of Rejection – Merv Tuplin

Tuesday PM 10/27/15:

Resolving Issues in a Spouse’s Heart – Steve & April Swartz

Losing One’s Identity Through Moral Addiction – John Regier

Wednesday afternoon 10/28/15:

Understanding a Client’s Heart – John Regier

From Performance to Peace – Diane Bowman

Resolving the Pain of Being Misunderstood & Rejected – Greg & Wendy Meisel

Resolving Pride & Self-Focus – Del Regier

Six Appointments in Life – Bob Bramhill

How to Gather Client Information – Marilyn Damron

Fathers & Sons Walk in Moral Freedom – Mel Eash

Caring for One’s Childhood Pain – Wayne Allen

Counseling Needs in the Church – Menno Yoder

Wednesday PM 10/28/15:

Shepherding in Relationships – Merv Tuplin

Losing One’s Identity Through Bitterness & Anger – Bob Bramhill

Thursday afternoon 10/29/15:

Leading a Person to Freedom – John Regier

Counseling Women – Marilyn Damron, Merry Hamrick

Characteristics of a Person Who Can’t Feel – Gary Damron

Correction Ideas That Touch the Heart of a Child – Bob & Gwen Bramhill

Purity for Men – Merv Tuplin

Creating the Best Environment for Healing – Randy Hamrick

Understanding Self-Harm & Suicide – Mike & Ellen Stotts

Counseling Those Who Have Been Emotionally Drained – Jeanine Allen

Learning to Cast One’s Care on Jesus – Danny Lynch

Thursday PM 10/29/15:

Banquet at Shady Maple – John Regier